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Assistance with official matters, health insurance companies

and other emigration worries.... 😉

If you've just arrived in Germany, you'll quickly find out how much time you have to spend dealing with various authorities and companies! Registrations, de-registrations, tax numbers, termination notices, electricity and gas contracts, housing books.... etc.

With us, you won't get lost in a pile of paperwork that keeps you up at night!

Help with official matters

Expect that during your life in Germany you may want to contact the following authorities officially (by letter)

  • The Civil Service Office (Bürgeramt),
  • Finance Office (Finanzamt),
  • Job Centre or Labour Office.

This correspondence is very important and you should respond to it in a timely manner. If you do not speak German well enough, you should have someone you trust help you to deal with the correspondence that you receive from the various authorities at your home address during your stay in Germany. If you do not have such a person – turn to us.

Within the framework of this simple service we perform the following activities:

  • checking the content of the received official correspondence,
  • preparation of a reply together with professional content-related advice,
  • If it is not possible to settle the matter by letter, e.g. registration at the place of residence (Anmeldung), a joint visit to the office is also possible.

Choose your health insurance!

Every person who lives in Germany is obliged to register with a health insurance company (Anmeldung). And every person who has a meldunek is obliged to have health insurance! 

The health insurance system in Germany is quite extensive, but the basic and most important issue is the two types of health insurance:

  • State insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) with fixed premiums and coverage,
  • Private insurance (Private Krankenversicherung) with an individually determined amount of the premium depending on, among other things, age or health condition. 

The range of benefits can be very wide, but the prices of such insurance are also much higher.

Practically everyone can be insured by the state. To qualify for private insurance, you must meet the condition of income – above 62,550 euros gross per year.


Avoiding registration with a health insurance company and not paying insurance premiums is a very bad idea. A person who – even out of ignorance – has not paid his contributions will sooner or later pay his debt with a lot of interest, which will be seen by a bailiff.

Other insurances

Thanks to cooperation with our company you can rest assured – your health insurance is well chosen! However, this is not all that is in our offer. We also offer the following insurances:

  • Residential,
  • Automobile,
  • Company,
  • Children,
  • Accident,
  • Motor,
  • Legal protection (Rechtsschutz).
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