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Virtually every German employer requires a bank account number to transfer your salary to. If this is too much trouble for you - don't worry. We are always there for you. We will help you to open a free of charge German bank account, even if you don't live there!

Do you need financial support? We also deal with loans!

Opening a bank account

There are a large number of banks offering services to people living in Germany.

So-called direktbanks do not have branches and are operated via the Internet, often without telephone contact. Such banks often offer many services completely free of charge.

If you walk through the streets of Berlin, you will see many branches of different banks. Accounts with these banks often have monthly fees, but in return you can have a private advisor who will help you with all your questions in your own language.

Which bank and account should I choose?

We will be happy to advise you with all our experience and knowledge of what banks offer.

Handling your account

Many people have us handle their bank account completely. This is offered to those who, for whatever reason, are holding off on handling their finances electronically themselves. In such cases, you can have us:

  • making wire transfers,
  • ordering credit cards,
  • sending monthly reports about your account balance (e.g. to your e-mail address).


If at any time during your life in Germany you find that you need a loan – turn to us and we will help you get one. 

We provide among others loans:

  • mortgages,
  • cash,
  • consolidation.

We will prepare for you an individual offer and it is you who decide whether it is satisfactory!

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