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You have just found a brilliant solution! Start working in Germany, in an interesting sector - without any own contribution. You will get great health insurance, a free bank account with a Polish account manager. And that is not all... !

AS Bieniek

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Kindergeld family benefit

All parents who pay taxes in Germany are entitled to parental benefit.

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Change of tax class

Don't overpay and underpay your taxes. Get your tax class right.

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Elterngeld benefit

Get Maternity Allowance - financial benefit for a newborn child

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The allowance is available for several months to non-working parents of 2 or 3 year olds.

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Bank accounts, service

We will help you open a free bank account with a German bank and even without a residence!

Our Partner

We are a proud partner of Deutsche Vermogengsberatung, which has been helping its clients achieve financial security through expert advice since 1975. Click to visit our partner page.

AS Bieniek

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Not just an employment agency

We have been brokering employment since 2018. Nonstop training, we have quickly and significantly expanded our services. Today we offer much more than just finding a job!

Our consultants help you with practically every issue related to life in Germany!

Man with his own work and effort can achieve everything
- Adam Mickiewicz

We are the best!

The people we've referred to the workplaces rate As Bieniek Arbeitsvermittlung an average of 5 /5 !

AS Bieniek

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I always wanted to work in Germany, but searching on my own was very difficult and for over a year I could not find anything. Thanks to AS Bieniek I got a job within a week of applying to them and now I have been working for six months in a warehouse near Berlin. Why did I not find you earlier?

Mieczysław Nawrotny
45 years old

Recommended. They helped me to find a job with accommodation, to do all the paper work. Later, I got two colleagues for the same job and they also helped me and everything worked out.

Krzysztof Lewandowski
39 years old

AS Bieniek company offers services that I can confidently recommend. Not only do they help with employment, but also with practically everything, which is very important for a person new in Germany.

Alicja Zając
33 years old
Agnieszka Bieniek
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